Having been seduced by the massages of the East and having travelled extensively it is our aim to offer a massage experience like no other in the Western world. By simply elevating and reinventing the positive aspects of oil-free, hygienic and fully clothed Thai massage, enmasse offers regular de-stressing from the modern world.  Walk in and get taken away.


From Tai Chi to Chai tea, many aspects of the Orient have been assimilated into Western Culture over the last few decades. Now, a uniquely new type of venue called enmasse is about to change the notion of massage forever by combining the allure of authenticity with the familiarity of convenience, something never seen in the field of massage. The perceived inherent goodness and balance of Eastern ways has always fascinated the fast-paced Occident (which means Western, you learn something new every day!). This has often led to an unnecessary exclusivity for aspects of Eastern life, which are taken for granted in the lands of their birth.


Sushi is probably the perfect example. The idea of eating raw fish -especially on purpose- and actually having to pay for it was absurd five decades ago. Today it is one of the most prolific, popular “fast foods” and serves as a convenient way for men to impress girls on first dates and as a way to stop having to sleep on the couch in more established relationships. One of sushi’s many keys to success is that hardly anyone does it at home. Other convenience foods like pizza, pasta, burgers and wraps are easily thrown together in your home kitchen. But part of the mystique of sushi is that people want it served in an authentic environment and prepared in a tactile, visible way. It’s part of the experience. People want to see the process, feel part of the culture.


Think of enmasse as the sushi of massage. It’s healthy, fulfilling, relaxing and above all it’s convenient and “served” in a unique and authentic yet aesthetically appealing space. Massage is seen as an ad hoc pleasure in the East whereas spas and ‘wellness centres’ have made it something you have to plan in our Western cities, like a weekend away. It is associated with getting away from it all, rather than simply going for one. Massage areas are often isolated and play Music Of The Southern Right Whale Vol. 2 or Forest Sounds Revisited On Pan Pipe giving the illusion of relaxation rather than any actual muscle related unwinding, which is what massage is all about. enmasse simply offers you the benefits of a real Thai oil-free massage in comfortable linen clothing.


Let’s say you’ve worked hard on a project over a weekend and to celebrate go out on the Monday night. Feeling a little worse for wear on a Tuesday you phone up a friend to meet somewhere for dinner. You could do with a massage. It’s a pretty well accepted fact that most people almost always feel like they could do with a massage but as they’re seen as a treat for a weekend away at a spa most people never act on it. Here’s where enmasse comes in. You leave the office and have a few hours to kill. You walk into the beautiful old building. A receptionist greets you and of course there’s a massage available. You hand in your suit and move through to an area awash with sofas and a “tea tree” containing over 40 exotic teas. You settle down and order your favourite combination or try something new.

After changing into your all white linen robes you head upstairs already soothed by the effect of the tea. Everyone is swathed in white, standing in stark contrast to the dark blue hue of the walls. Cool music drifts around the place as you lie down. Extensions slide from the walls encasing you in a cocoon of your own while not cutting you off from the atmosphere, which is at once relaxed and yet strangely vibey. One of our Therapists trained only in authentic Thai massage (although Shiatsu and reflexology specialists are of course available) asks how you are in perfect English. This is important. If someone doesn’t understand you, how can you tell them to stop because it feels like your rotator cuff is about to come loose? For a while you are taken away from the world on a tide of muscular relief. Afterwards you decide to hang out for a while. No one’s going to rush you or show you the door at enmasse. After basking in the glow of a new you for a while you head downstairs again and out of the blue (because that is after all the colour of the walls) you run into your friend you were meeting later anyway. Another relaxing tea and its time for dinner, refreshed and absorbingly relaxed.

Enmasse strives to make massage more of a regular pleasure for a lot less than you’d think. As a member there’s obviously a few tempting perks, but just walking in is of course welcomed and encouraged. That is, after all, enmasse’s reason for being.