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Welcome to enmasse. We trust that you're here because you have heard all about us. If this is not
the case you are in the right place. Our website will provide you with all the information you require,
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Having been seduced by the massages of the East and having travelled extensively it is our aim to offer a massage experience like no other in the Western world. By simply elevating and reinventing the positive aspects of oil-free, hygienic and fully clothed Thai massage, enmasse offers regular de-stressing from the modern world.  Walk in and get taken away.

From Tai Chi to Chai tea, many aspects of the Orient have been assimilated into Western Culture over the last few decades. Now, a uniquely new type of venue called enmasse is about to change the notion of massage forever by combining the allure of authenticity with the familiarity of convenience, something never seen in the field of massage. The perceived inherent goodness and balance of Eastern ways has always fascinated the fast-paced Occident (which means Western, you learn something new every day!). This has often led to an unnecessary exclusivity for aspects of Eastern life, which are taken for granted in the lands of their birth.